Entertainment Link-Off: Banging

Kaley Cuoco shows that there is a reason why I should start watching The Big Bang Theory.

I’ve been saving this link for a week but here’s how the best Super Bowl ad of the year came together. (LA Times)

But that wasn’t originally the plan for the Letterman spot. Dave wanted a bigger and/or more crowded couch. (The Wrap)

And it’s the movie moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the red band trailer for Kevin Smith’s Cop Out. It’s better than the green band trailer and you will want to see it after watching this. (Film Drunk)

After the jump, a ridiculous John Mayer interview, revealing James Bond mistakes, and a video.

If you’re at work, you probably won’t be able to read this but it’s a rather unique interview with John Mayer that’s mostly about his sex life. (Playboy)

Friday Night Lights wrapped up its 4th season on DirecTV’s 101 Network and have at least one more season to go. However, some stars are already moving on. (Ausiello Files)

Here’s a slightly random article about the evolution of the movie warewolves through the years. (New York Times)

Here’s an old link that a tweep tipped us on to. It’s 100 cool facts about the human body. (I Can’t See You)

The NBA All-Star Game is this weekend. Since Jackie is a huge basketball fan, I figured that I could get away with an NBA link. (Fansided)

Bad news for Yankees fans: A-Rod has moved on to Cameron Diaz. I don’t like your chances this year. First Randy Wynn, now this. (OK Magazine)

IMDB doesn’t own the rights to all “revealing mistakes.” It photos of the 20 noticeable filming mistakes from James Bond movies. (Unreality) Though, the car was explained in the movie.

Today’s photo gallery looks at Star Wars murals and art on the side of vans. Remember, there is no try when it comes to kick-ass van art. (Next Round)

A random little teaser for the next episode of the radio show/podcast.

And is it just me or does the official Vancouver 2010 video game look like a budget title?


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