Wednesday Link-Off

Ashley Greene’s SI photoshoot may be an ad for SoBe but it put her on my radar for the SI swimsuit cover.

First the Americans are accused of borrowing the Canadian style of play and now the Russians are doing the same. After all, line brawls are a Canadian thing. (Fanhouse)

It’s a look at the 11 most painfully obvious newspaper stories. And you wonder why newspapers are dying. It should be obvious. (11 Points)

A Star Wars burlesque show? Now I’ve seen it all. Or I will when I go see it. (LA Weekly)

After the jump, Conan farts in NBC’s general direction, Mike Tyson hosts Monday Night Raw, and the LT style electric glide.

How good is Jon Stewart? Even NBC’s Brian Williams, the top news anchor in America, loves him. (NPR)

Speaking of NBC, if Leno goes to 11:35, Conan says he’ll just go. And I say good for him. (New York Times)

Maybe I should have watched and live blogged this week’s Monday Night Raw. Mike Tyson sounded awesome. (The Big Lead)

So Pete Carroll is going to coach the slightly hapless Seattle Seahawks (though most of their haplessness is caused by the personnel department). Why would he leave the comforts of So Cal? Because shit is about to hit the fan. (SB Nation)

It’s the third annual NFL TV Awards. Worth a look just to hear Gus Johnson once again. (Fang’s Bites) If someone had those for CIS radio guys, I’d own one.

Who knew that un-Islamic behaviour was a fineable offence in international field hockey? (DAWN) And you wonder why Canada can’t dominate the sport on grass the same way they do on ice.

Adrian Sutil isn’t going to be a regular contender for a win with Force India but he is a regular contender to alienate fellow drivers. He’s occasionally accused of being a reckless driver but we now know why. He thinks F1 is too safe and has become boring. (F1 Fanatic)

Mark McGwire admitted to taking steroid when he hit 70 home runs in 1998. In other news, the sun rose this morning. (CNBC)

Deadspin and KSK writer Drew Magary’s Twitter-based public humiliation diet is all the rage in Britain. Of course, this is The Guardian so we can’t really trust them. (The Guardian)

Not so much a photo gallery as a video gallery. It’s Kramer’s Top 20 food related moments. (Top Cultured)

Do not watch this video if you’re high. Then again, maybe the director of this dance video starring San Diego Chargers RB LaDanian Thomlinson should also lay off the drugs.

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