Sunday Link-Off: Welcome Back

gisela-dulko-11Ana Ivanovic was dropped in the first round of the US Open. Let’s hope that Gisela Dulko lasts longer.

University and college is starting across Canada this week. Frosh Weeks are also kicking off today, tomorrow or they might be under way. So now’s the time for some advice on how not to need to not drop the soap. (Musings on Greenwood)

New York Mets star David Wright is back. He’s in that really safe helmet I mentioned ages ago. I can hear the sales pitch now: “The new super safe batting helmet. Fashion sense not included.” (The Sports Hernia)

I mentioned on Friday that Erin Andrews would be making an appearance on Oprah. Well, FOX Sports’ Jason Whitlock has uncovered the way that other sports media personalities are plotting to get on Oprah. (Sportress of Blogitude)

After the jump, embarrassing injuries, the best of Jeopardy, and The Beatles’ new video game.

Oregon Ducks running back LeGarrette Blount stole all the headlines out from under Erin Andrews at her season debut. Blount pulled a Ron Artest and got himself suspended for the season. (The Oregonian) The good news for Blount is that he won’t ever have to wear those awful jerseys ever again. (Sports Illustrated)

A slightly conflicted story about whether or not the NFL likes Twitter or not. They don’t call it the No Fun League for nothing. (Sports Illustrated)

The Spanish have had enough of PETA’s petty bitching and whining. They’ve made some changes to bull fighting so the would-be matadors are the only ones likely to be stabbed. (Steady Burn)

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards will race in tonight’s first ever Sprint Cup Series night race at Atlanta after breaking his foot playing frisbee. If he couldn’t go to work, he would have been alright. His sponsor is Aflac. How very nearly appropriate. (FOX Sports)

If you look up “epic fail” in the dictionary, you would see the Detroit Lions’ logo next to it. Their likely starting quarterback needed stitches for a cut on his foot that he got from his carpet. (Yahoo)

The 10 funniest moments in the history of Jeopardy. (The World of Isaac)

The designer of the greatest supercar of all-time, the McLaren F1, has designed the greatest super-mini of all time, the T25. (Top Gear)

Since we’re talking about cars and I’m going through Top Gear withdrawals, here’s Richard Hammond’s thoughts on the new four-door Porsche Panamera. (Mirror)

How do you nearly cause a full-scale riot in a tiny Wyoming town? Use your tazer on a tractor driver that’s in the city’s big parade. (Fox 43)

If you think The Beatles: Rock Band is going to be good, wait ’til you get your hands on The Beatles: Grand Theft Auto.

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