Entertainment Link-Off: Quarter Life Crisis

OUT16007859With the poor economy and the abundance of recent college graduates struggling to find a job, the film Post Grad starring Alexis Bledel takes advantage of this situation in hopes of drawing a crowd. In fact it is a nice counter programming to Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Inglorious Basterds. Post Grad does have a nice cast that includes Batman Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch and FNL’s Zach Gilford. Too bad the film is struggling to find good reviews, but if Roger Ebert likes it, it can’t be that bad can it?

After the jump, revisiting The Time Traveler’s Wife, Snoop Dogg tackles Millionaire and some old Ah-nold footage that the Governator doesn’t want you to see.

There were plenty of people celebrating Avatar Day yesterday. Did you manage to check out the 15 minute clip? If not, hopefully this trailer will suffice. (Zap2it)

Avatar has been generating mixed reactions from the crowd after Avatar Day. Did District 9 somehow steal Avatar’s thunder? (Slashfilm)

Heard of the movie Darren Aronofsky’s latest film Black Swan? Not interested? You will be interested after reading this. (Collider)

More reasons to go check out the film adaptation of Kick-Ass! There will be punkified kids tunes! (Slashfilm)

Diora Baird recently auditioned for a role in Thor. If she does land the gig, let’s say the movie will suddenly move into a must-see status. (JoBlo)

You probably saw the trailer for Ninja Assassin in the trailer watch earlier. Now how about some Lego Ninja Assassin? (Film School Buzz)

Clark Duke and Olivia Munn make a good team. (Olivia Munn)

Bob Barker on WWE? That sounds awesome. (Entertainment Weekly) He does have what it takes to take down a wrestler. Don’t believe me? Perhaps a you need a little refresher. (Fandome)

Ok, so this isn’t exactly entertainment news, but it’s nice to know that there are people out there putting their braaaaiinnns to good use – they’re planning for a potential zombie invasion. (The Globe and Mail)

Speaking of zombies, forget about hiding at the Winchester. If there is ever a zombie attack, there is an awesome bar in the States to go for safety. (Slashfilm)

In music news, Jason Mraz smashes a Billboard record with “his happy little hippie song”. (Entertainment Weekly)

Megan Fox will be appearing on SNL in September to kick off the new season (and promote Jennifer’s Body). I’m sure Andy Samberg will have a gift for her that’s located inside a box or perhaps he’ll just simply jizz in his pants when she walks onto the stage. (Life and Style)

New Heroes poster. Save the cheerleader’s cleavage. Save the world! (The Hollywood Reporter)

The CW is afraid that we can see through their not-so-intelligent programming for the fall, so they’re going to use sex to sell their shows (e.g. the quasi-nude posters for The Beautiful Life). Perhaps Smallville and Supernatural will be taking part in these ad campaigns in the near future. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. The TV Addict throws in a Smallville ad for the ladies out there. Not sure if Clark Kent would appreciate having the word ‘Smallville’ plastered in front of his *ahem* (The TV Addict)

In other Smallville news, take a look at the season 9 preview. (Ausiello)

More awesome Community stuff courtesy of Joel McHale. (E! Online)

Thanks to the moderate success at the box office last weekend, ABC may be looking into bringing The Time Traveler’s Wife to the boobtube. While the story for The Time Traveler’s Wife came out before NBC’s Journeyman, I have to note that if people didn’t tune into the NBC show, how should we expect this to succeed? (Collider)

alexis bledel 1At this weekend’s box office. Inglorious Basterds gives Quentin Tarantino his best opening day since Kill Bill Vol. 2. Meanwhile District 9 is still doing some decent box office business. Unfortunately Post Grad is barely making a blip this weekend. Where are those Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights fans out there? (Box Office Prophets)

Meanwhile Bruce Willis (who starred alongside Alexis in Sin City) will be making a cameo appearance in Sylvester Stallone’s latest effort The Expendables. It seems like he will be appearing on screen with the Governator. Now that sounds awesome. (IGN)

I’m sure the Arnold Schwarzenegger would rather not have this see the light of day, but thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, a compilation of all the silly ads he did in Japan have surfaced. Ok people, after watching this, take a moment to remember this is the man running California right now.


Snoop Dogg tackles Millionaire!


Finally, Family Guy deserves an Emmy.



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