Vaughn Martin Getting Attention From NFL

About a month ago, I reported that UWO defensive lineman Vaughn Martin declared for the NFL draft.  In response to a comment, I wanted to go check out one of his pro days (where scouts come to see him work out).  Sadly I couldn’t make either of his in London.  Good news is that word has leaked out from the pro day and made it as far up the NFL food chain as

He ran the 40-yard dash in 5.04 seconds, bench pressed 225 lbs. 32 times consecutively and did this to a scout:

These numbers are slightly above average at best. And it doesn’t take much to bowl over a guy who you have 100 lbs. and leverage on. Combine that with a lack of game experience compared to other players in the draft and a lack of consistency according to one scout, he looks like he could be a late round draft. As of posting, Vaughn ranks 26th of 164 draft eligible defensive tackles but only 372nd on the overall board in a 256 player draft.

Despite the fact that he has 3 years of eligibility left in Canadian university football, Vaughn told NFL.comthat he is done with the Mustangs. I’ll admit that I paraphrased that but he still will not return to UWO. I’m guessing he didn’t run this one by Coach Marshall. As a man who has played and coached in the CFL, he would be able to accurately gauge Vaughn against what he’s seen in the pros. Also, Vaughn has shot himself in the foot by ruling out a return to UWO. He’s CFL draft eligible in 2011 so if he was to miss the NFL, he could drop off the radar of both NFL and CFL teams if he doesn’t play college football somewhere.

He has received invitations to workout for St. Louis, Carolina, San Diego, Miami, and Cleveland in the coming weeks.  I knew that varsity athletes, on the whole, have easy schedules but he must have exams upcoming.  Of course, if he does have exams, he could very well end up academically ineligible to play in the CIS next season so maybe it’s for the best that he declares for the NFL draft.

I think Vaughn should take a step back from all the draft hype and ask anybody but his agent for some advice. His agent looks at him like a paycheck. His family, coaches and teammates want to see him succeed and should help point him back in the right direction.

Update: Vaughn Martin Drafted

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