Sunday Link-Off: A Fresh Take

miranda-kerr-harpersbazaaruk14-01Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers reading today. Given our demographics (mostly male, generally under 35 and without children), I somehow doubt that any are reading but it’s nice to get the greeting out there.

With that out of the way, let’s get the links underway. Here’s Miranda Kerr. I think that’s an appropriate choice for the day.

People who follow international news have heard the name Boko Haram for years. Why are they only now becoming a big deal. (Mother Jones)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reportedly showing the signs of being drunk on power. (That’s the opposite of how Rob Ford is often found drunk.) He’s reportedly stopped taking advice. (Toronto Star)

The Globe and Mail is trying to negotiate with its union to get journalists to write advertorials. It’s bad enough when I’m covering the video games beat that half of the content is advertorial (to a degree). For a reputable, respected newspaper to want legitimate journalists to do it is reprehensible if you ask me. (The Albatross)

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F1 Brazilian Grand Prix: One For the Record Books

The 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix was the end of an era. The V8s were going to be running their last race. Mark Webber was to retire after the race to go run sports cars. And Sebastian Vettel was set to break yet another record. And all of that happened. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the storybook ending for Webber as his teammate picked up his 9th straight win.

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F1 Power Rankings: Brazilian Grand Prix

We’ve reached the final race of the 2013 Formula One World Championship and it’s the end of an era. Not only are the old 2.4-litre naturally aspirated V8s on their way out after eight years but so is @AussieGrit Mark Webber after twelve seasons at the top-level of motorsport. Given that it’s Webber’s final Formula One Grand Prix, I thought that it was only fitting that I bumped him up from #2 in the Power Rankings to #1.

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F1 Brazilian Grand Prix: Once, Twice, Three Times a Champion

We all went into the Brazilian Grand Prix thinking that Vettel’s faster car and higher qualifying spot than Alonso meant that he’d cruise to his third-straight World Drivers’ Championship. That lasted until Turn Four and we were treated to the best race of the season as Vettel came from the back of the field to barely win his third Championship. Continue reading

F1 Power Rankings: Brazilian Grand Prix

After eight months and nineteen races, the 2012 Formula One World Championship comes down to the 20th and final race. Red Bull may have clinched the World Constructors’ Championship in the United States but the World Drivers’ Championship is still up for grabs. Sebastian Vettel leads Fernando Alonso by 13 points heading into the Brazilian Grand Prix but history shows that the battle for the title isn’t over. In 2010, Vettel won his first championship by overcoming 15 point gap to Alonso in the final race of the season. When race wins were only worth 10 points, Kimi Raikkonen came from 7 points back to win the 2007 World Championship.

Can Alonso come from behind to win the title and how does Vettel rate his chances of becoming a three-time World Champion? I examine this and more in this week’s Formula One Power Rankings. Continue reading

F1 Power Rankings: Brazilian Grand Prix

We’ve finally reached the end of the 2011 Formula One World Championship. After 19 Grands Prix over the eight months, F1 has reached the final round at Interlagos in Brazil for the Brazilian Grand Prix. There is still a mathematically alive three-way battle between Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber for second in the championship. Although if you’re really digging for a championship battle, Sauber and Toro Rosso are separated by 1 point for 7th in the Constructors’ Championship. Continue reading

F1 Brazilian GP: We Are The (Constructors’) Champion

The Brazilian Grand Prix has a history of crowning champions. Since 2005, the World Drivers’ Champion had clinched his crown at the Interlagos Circuit in Sao Paulo. All eyes were on Fernando Alonso as he tried to claim his third championship. However, a third place finish leaves the championship open for the final race of the season. However, Red Bull Racing clinched the World Constructors’ Championship thanks to a one-two finish led by Sebastian Vettel who scored his fourth win of the season. Continue reading