The Best of OSW’s WCW Reviews

osw-review-bannerThe long international nightmare is finally over (unlikely at 11:40 PM EST). The US Presidential Election wrapped up last night / this morning (probably) and there is an elected 45th President of the United States. I’m writing this likely needing to move from Canada to Tierra Del Fuego or South Africa or New Zealand or somewhere that isn’t greatly impacted by US politics. So I think we all need a laugh today.

To help us get over the last year-and-a-half of pain and suffering of a Presidential campaign and the next four years of a Presidential term that will cause the same, I think we should call on our old friends at Old School Wrestling Review. The lads are in the middle of a WCW series about the early Hogan vs. the Dungeon of Doom days so let’s look at their best WCW reviews.

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The History of Hulk Hogan’s Entrance Music

I know I’ve been overloading the pro wrestling post lately but I had good inspiration for this one. The gang at The Big Lead weren’t fond of the Hulkster’s new theme song from last Monday’s TNA Impact. Interestingly, that theme song was the music for WCW’s reformed NWO in 1999 and 2000.

Anyway, if there’s any wrestler that revolutionized music in wrestling, it was Hulk Hogan. His use of Eye of the Tiger as a theme song started the widespread use of entrance themes being used. If there is anyone who is as synonymous with a song as the original artist, it’s Hulk Hogan. So here’s a look at Hulk’s music through the years and the stories behind that music. Continue reading