Car Wall: New for 2015

Since we’ve quasi-relaunched The Lowdown Blog today, I thought that we should do something a little bit different and little bit special for the official launch of the redesign. That’s why today features the first update of the Car Wall in a blog post in over five years. Yeah, this has been coming for a while.

If you’ve been following us since 2007, you know that the Car Wall is sort of what kicked off our Man Lab. The Car Wall is all about those cars that will get you attention from women. The cooler a car is, the more attention that you should get. For example, Kias and Hyundais aren’t cool because they out you as cheap which is not a good first impression.

So for today’s car wall, we have five cars to rate as the new model year gets underway.

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Sunday Link-Off: All About Karma

diora-baird-fhm-spain-4After spending a week with just Jackie, you get me again! No! Don’t run away! Damn…

Anyway, here’s Diora Baird who seems to be well on her way to world domination. Not that I’m complaining at all.

It’s that time of year again. Time to vote for the Deadspin Hall of Fame Class of 2009. I like Barkley, Starbury, and Dong. No, wait. (Deadspin)

What do you do if you aren’t happy with the team that drafted you? You sit out and re-enter the draft. Suddenly, Eric Lindros doesn’t seem so bad (except for holding out on my hometown Soo Greyhounds). (Sports Illustrated)

Division I-AA (or FCS, for the technical types) powerhouse Appalachian State has lost their quarterback for their training camp after he ran over his foot with a lawnmower. As a Michigan fan, I think this is karma. Better late than never. (AppFan)

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