2011 Spike VGA Trailer Roundup

While the Spike TV Video Game Awards are a bit of a laughing-stock among the video gaming press, everybody watches the VGAs for one reason. We all watch for game announcements and new trailers. This year was no exception as we had scads of new games announced and trailers released. After the jump, we give you each new trailer and analyze each. Continue reading


2011 Spike Video Game Awards Nominations And Predictions

Tomorrow night is Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards show. Since 2003, Spike has given the public the ability to vote for top their video games of the year. While it is often the target of criticism as it’s a glorified popularity contest, it is the starting point of the video game awards season. So let’s take a look at 2011 crop of VGA nominees and take a stab at who should win the awards and who we thing will win the awards. Continue reading