Sunday Link-Off: For Science!

It’s a politics light edition of the links this Sunday. The candidates’ positions are set and no big events happened over the last week that seem to have changed the balance (despite another boneheaded rape comments by a Republican candidate) so now it’s down to getting people out to vote. Anyway, this week’s linkdumps will lead off with a woman in costume since Halloween is on Wednesday. Today, it’s Sara Jean Underwood.

While this election seems to be a war between the Democrats and Tea Party, there’s another war breaking out between voters and candidates who believe in science and those who take positions with no basis in science. (Scientific American)

While the national polls say that the race is close, if you break it down state by state, President Obama still has a good shot at re-election. (FiveThirtyEight)

You’d think that Canada is a pretty advanced nation when it comes to technology but that isn’t entirely accurate. Canada is behind most of the rest of the world when it comes to cloud computing and internet bandwidth. (Forbes)

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