Sunday Link-Off: For Science!

It’s a politics light edition of the links this Sunday. The candidates’ positions are set and no big events happened over the last week that seem to have changed the balance (despite another boneheaded rape comments by a Republican candidate) so now it’s down to getting people out to vote. Anyway, this week’s linkdumps will lead off with a woman in costume since Halloween is on Wednesday. Today, it’s Sara Jean Underwood.

While this election seems to be a war between the Democrats and Tea Party, there’s another war breaking out between voters and candidates who believe in science and those who take positions with no basis in science. (Scientific American)

While the national polls say that the race is close, if you break it down state by state, President Obama still has a good shot at re-election. (FiveThirtyEight)

You’d think that Canada is a pretty advanced nation when it comes to technology but that isn’t entirely accurate. Canada is behind most of the rest of the world when it comes to cloud computing and internet bandwidth. (Forbes)

After the jump, David Stern’s retirement victory tour, music videos that justify the existence of the internet and Portal 2 meets Halo.

People often accuse me of having a liberal bias. I am biased toward facts. But for the sake of balance, here’s an article for the right. A guy that writes for Far Right News says Nate Silver may have predicted President Obama’s 2008 electoral college total within 4 points but it’s wrong this year because says Romney’s winning and Silver seems like he might be gay. (Examiner) And this is why I don’t link to articles with an obvious bias to either side. They have little to no basis in fact. The only facts in that article are about Silver’s background. After that, it’s blatantly Republican biased drivel that resorts to personal attacks to attempt to make a point. If you have facts on your side, use them. Don’t imply that Silver is gay and pretend it’s journalism. That’s bush league bullshit that would embarrass the writer if he had enough sense to be embarrassed by writing such sophomoric crap.

Suppose you still think Silver is full of crap despite the fact that he has a proven model. if you give Romney every state in which he is ahead or tied right now, he still doesn’t have enough electoral college votes to win. (Washington Post)

Slate has been putting together Mortal Kombat style videos about the election. It’s a better summary of the election than any column I’ve seen. (Slate)

NBA commissioner David Stern says he’ll retire on February 1, 2014. This means he’ll spend the next year-and-a-half on a farewell/victory tour to promote his amazingness. (Yahoo Sports)

Okay, game one of the World Series didn’t go Justin Verlander’s way but he’s still a throwback to the days when pitchers would rather throw a complete game than worry about pitch counts. (Men’s Journal)

A blogger says that NHL enforcer Ben Eager beat him and a bouncer up at a bar. I have no idea if the story’s true but given that NHL players have already lost in salary this year than the gap in negotiations between the owners and the PA, some players would be dumb enough to do this. (SportsGrid)

NFL Films is doing a documentary dedicated to the influence of Tecmo Bowl for the NES. I’m surprised no one did this sooner. (NFL Films)

Just for fun, here’s an almanac looking back at the best fantasy football players of all-time. (Deadspin)

Cricket is coming to America on ESPN 3 and in the form of a new league. It’s about time. I love cricket. (The Big Lead)

Assassin’s Creed 3 drops on Tuesday but is the first of the four games still the best? (Forbes Games) That reminds me that I loved AC: Revelations so much that I haven’t bothered to finish it. I doubt I’m even halfway through that game.

The Mass Effect movie is charging ahead. A new writer has been attached to the film whose previous writing credits include… Nothing! Literally no movies written. He was most recently the assistant editor on I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. There’s no way this goes well. (Joystiq)

For some reason, Jonathon Coulton performed Still Alive for CBS News. I don’t get it but I won’t complain. (Kotaku)

And on that note, here are the five music videos that justify the existence of the internet. (Cracked)

Now hold on a minute playa. Teddy Long says it’s time for a TAG TEAM MATCH!

Some intrepid geniuses seamlessly integrated Portal 2’s Wheatley into Halo. If someone actually modded Wheatley into the game, I might enjoy Halo.

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