UWO Releases 2011 Sunshine List

As mandated by the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act of 1996, you found out what most of your professors got paid for 2011 on Friday. When I went to UWO, this was one of my favourite days too. Learning stuff that doesn’t have too many practical applications in real life (for disclosure’s sake, I was in social sci) is made that much easier by knowing that someday I could teach kids nothing and get well compensated for it. Continue reading


UWO Releases 2010 Salary List

As is required by provincial law, all government-funded entities must disclose the taxable earnings of all employees who make more than $100,000 in the previous calendar year. For 2010, 952 UWO employees made the list which is up/down from the 2009 calendar year by 58 (or 7%). Topping the list was Amit Chakma who hit #1 in his first full year as the President of UWO. Continue reading

2010 UWO Salary List Released

As is the annual tradition required by provincial law, the University of Western Ontario released its list of employees who earned more than $100,000 in 2009. The Dean of the Ivey School of Business, Carol Stephenson, topped the list this year after losing her hold on the top spot in 2008 when Paul Davenport’s taxable benefits were added to his salary. In total, 894 UWO employees made the list which is an increase of nearly 13% over the 2008 list.

Some of the notable/interesting names and salaries on the list include:
Carol Stephenson (Ivey Dean) – $405,114.20
Fred Longstaffe (Provost, VP Academic) – $281,614.16
Amit Chakma (UWO President, July – December) – $229,294.38
Paul Davenport (UWO President, January – June) – $207,614.54
Debbie Jones (IT Services Director) – $137,125.85
Greg Marshall (Mustangs Football Coach) – $132,128.55
Eeva Munoz (Associate Librarian) – $105,190.18

Looking for familiar names? Click here for the complete list.

UWO Salary List Released

The University of Western Ontario released its list of employees who made over $100,000 in salary and taxable benefits.  There’s lots of familiar names on there for me because Ivey appears to have a minimum starting salary of well over $100,000.  At least I know where my tuition went now and now you can find out where your’s goes.

Some noteable names from the list:
Paul Davenport (UWO President) – $405,512
Carol Stephenson (Ivey Dean) – $395,755
Greg Marshall (Mustangs Football Coach) – $128,613
Joyce Garnett (University Librarian) – $163,933
Stephen Alb (Book Store Director) – $112,750

Looking for names you recognize? Click here for the complete list.