UWO Releases 2011 Sunshine List

As mandated by the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act of 1996, you found out what most of your professors got paid for 2011 on Friday. When I went to UWO, this was one of my favourite days too. Learning stuff that doesn’t have too many practical applications in real life (for disclosure’s sake, I was in social sci) is made that much easier by knowing that someday I could teach kids nothing and get well compensated for it.

Some of the bigger and more interesting names on this year’s list include:

  • Amit Chakma – President / Vice-Chancellor – $512,600.04
  • Janice Deakin – Provost and Vice-President (Academic) – $294,999.96
  • Carol Hebert – Dean (Schulich School of Medicine) – $285,520.95
  • Joyce Garnett – University Librarian – $165,254.02
  • Fred Longstaffe – Senior Advisor to the President / Professor – $267,424.98
  • Greg Marshall – Coach (Football) – $134,054.86
  • Therese Quigley – Director (Athletics, Sports & Recreation Services) – $134,095.96
  • Malcolm Ruddock – Executive Assistant to the President and Provost – $109,539.56
  • James Shaw – Student Health Services Physician – $143,048.96
  • Carol Stephenson – Dean (Ivey School of Business) – $409,423.00

You can get the complete list on the Ministry of Finance website by clicking here.


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