Sunday Link-Off: Welcome to 2015

robin-holzken-beachbunny14-01It’s time for the first set of Sunday links of 2015. I’m a bit busy this week so I’m not going to guarantee what will be coming up this week apart from our review of the annual Doctor Who Christmas special. I’m working on a whole pile of video game reviews for et geekera so expect them here in the near future too. I’m hoping to get back into long form writing in 2015 so we’ll see what that brings us too.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Since it’s a new year, let’s start with a new face on the blog. Here’s Dutch model Robin Holzken.

Happy 2015 everyone! Here’s a whole host of law changes that have come into effect in Canada already. (CBC News)

I think I’ve mentioned this a few times but there’s a federal election in Canada this fall. Right now, there’s no clear-cut frontrunner. (MacLean’s)

You thought your job was miserable at Christmas? Try working at Amazon. (Gawker)

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