F1 Malaysian Grand Prix: Steady As She Goes

f1-2014-malaysia-hamilton-victoryTesting isn’t the complete story but it certainly does give you an insight into how the season will play out. The Red Bulls weren’t expected to be in the same timezone as the Mercedes-powered cars but they’re running for podiums. However, the insight that said that Mercedes GP would be blindingly fast proved to be right as Lewis Hamilton led the team home in a 1-2 finish.

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F1 Brazilian Grand Prix: One For the Record Books

The 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix was the end of an era. The V8s were going to be running their last race. Mark Webber was to retire after the race to go run sports cars. And Sebastian Vettel was set to break yet another record. And all of that happened. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the storybook ending for Webber as his teammate picked up his 9th straight win.

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F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: The Song Remains the Same

While it feels like Sebastian Vettel has completely and utterly dominated the 2013 Formula One World Championship, it was comparatively close up until the summer break. At that point, Vettel was 38 points ahead of the competition. Since then, he’s won every single race. That includes Sunday’s running of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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F1 Indian Grand Prix: A Coronation

Nobody came into this weekend’s Indian Grand Prix expecting anything other than the end result. I don’t necessarily mean the win for Sebastian Vettel though that wasn’t a surprise. No, I mean that no one was particularly surprised that Vettel was able to easily clinch his fourth consecutive Formula One World Drivers’ Championship with a win and a surprising non-points finish for Fernando Alonso.

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F1 Japanese Grand Prix: Two Stops or Three?

This is Sebastian Vettel’s World Championship. The rest of the drivers are just making up the numbers. Of the 21 other drivers on the grid this season, only five have more wins in their careers than Vettel has wins this season. In fact, after winning this weekend’s race at Suzuka, Vettel’s season wins total matched the career win total of his teammate, Mark Webber. I think this fella might be a decent driver.

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F1 Singapore Grand Prix: This is Why NASCAR Fabricates Cautions

The Formula One World Championship may have left Europe but the change of scenery doesn’t mean that there has been a change at the head of the field. Sebastian Vettel dominated the weekend and the race with such a dominant win that you almost wonder if everyone else ran GP2 cars this weekend instead of F1 cars.

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F1 Italian GP: I Wanna Go Fast

The fastest that a Formula One car goes during the season is about 210 MPH. That happens on the long front straight of the Monza circuit which is home to the Italian Grand Prix. It’s that speed which makes the Italian GP one of the more exciting during the season.

While one would typically associate high top speed with the Mercedes and Ferrari powered teams, it was the Renault powered Red Bull team that dominated the weekend with Sebastian Vettel picking up the win. I guess they’re fast on more than just the twisty bits.

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Formula One: 2013 Young Drivers Test Recap

To call this year’s edition of the Young Drivers Test a bit of a misnomer wouldn’t be off the mark. In addition to being a three-day test for teams to evaluate up and coming talent that hasn’t run a Grand Prix, it was also a Pirelli tyre test for the usual race drivers. In other words, it was a hodgepodge of drivers at a supposed Young Drivers Test.

Still, we got a look at the future of F1 and perhaps a look at Red Bull’s plans for the near future.

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F1 Canadian Grand Prix: Tyres? What Tyres?

f1-2013-canada-vettel-victoryGiven the recent history of the Canadian Grand Prix and the controversy over the Mercedes GP tyre test, one would have assumed that tyres would have played a factor in the outcome of the race. While the tyres were a story, they weren’t the deciding factor of the Canadian GP as Sebastian Vettel stormed off into the distance en route to a dominant win. Don’t worry, though, there was plenty of off-track drama to keep us entertained.

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F1 Bahrain GP: Yes, They’re Still Running This Race

Since the Arab Spring protests that started in 2011, Formula One’s stop in a country with protests has been very controversial. Many think that the race should be cancelled because a Grand Prix is just a way to legitimize the Bahrain government because of the economic impact of the race. Other’s think that making a decision based on political reasoning isn’t something F1 should do because it’s a sport.

Still, the race took place again amid the protests. For the second year running we had an all Renault engine podium and it was actually the exact same podium in the exact same order as last year as Sebastian Vettel picked up his second straight Bahrain Grand Prix win.

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