Not News of the Week

I may be on my way back from Michigan International Speedway but that doesn’t mean that things don’t roll along as usual. It’s time for the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful on the Not News of the Week. This week’s theme is doctors and surgery.

A British paramedic who allegedly had oral sex in a hospital parking lot while on duty claimed he was only trying to comfort a woman. That doesn’t explain why he was caught on a security camera sitting in the passenger seat of a car with a woman’s head in his lap. A hospital security guard saw the couple sitting in the car and, thinking that they were suspicious, focused a security camera on them. What he got was a 14 minute live sex show. The security guard said, “In the footage, her head does go to his lap. Her head does appear to go up and down.” The hospital’s security chief also saw the pair go at it on camera and said that it wasn’t the first time that the hospital parking lot was used for a conjugal visit. Continue reading