Sunday Link-Off: Take It From the Top

michelle-beadle-espy16-02You can’t say that this weekend hasn’t been interesting in the world of politics. From this side of the world to the east of Europe, there has been interesting developments, for better or worse. Between Trump, Turkey and the Rio Olympics, you can’t say that we’re lacking for news this weekend.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means we have to do the other half of the weekend links. Let’s kick off with ESPN personality Michelle Beadle.

Is it possible that Donald Trump hurt his election chances with Independents more by picking Mike Pence as his running mate? (Sacramento Bee)

It’s an interesting choice because the two don’t agree on several important issues. Well, they didn’t agree but who can keep them tied to one position on an issue? (New York Times)

Trump is all about his branding. Somehow, a man so powered by his brand let a terrible logo be used for his campaign. (The Hill)

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