Entertainment Link-Off: And The Globe Goes To

keira-knightley-allure12-03Since I’m drawing in to cover this week’s entertainment and pop culture links, we have to assume that Jackie has melted in the Australian heat wave… Anyway, the Golden Globes are this weekend so we’ll get our first indication at who or what will be the front runners at the Oscars. Speaking of which, the Academy Awards nominees were announced this week because the Academy says they don’t want to appear influenced by the Globes… So they moved the nomination announcement up because of the Globes? Makes sense…

Anyway, this weekend at the theatres gives us two big releases. There’s a new release in the form of Gangster Squad which actually has a cast despite the fact that the ads are only promoting Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. It also boasts a 32% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If you want to watch a good movie that opens this weekend, Zero Dark Thirty goes to wide release this weekend so you can finally see it. But just for fun, let’s start this edition of the ELO with Keira Knightley. We don’t feature her on the blog nearly enough. Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: The Power of Social Media

We’re a little late with the Sunday links. We had a complete internet failure for the last 24 hours at Lowdown HQ. To make up for it, here’s Keira Knightley.

Given Friday’s massive earthquake in Japan, it’s appropriate that we lead with this first-hand account. (Jalopnik)

Twitter was going its dinger during the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Are you still trying to figure it out? Here’s a bare bones guide to Twitter. (The Atlantic)

And it’s probably best that you start on Twitter soon. Facebook will ruin your marriage. (The Guardian)

After the jump, the best beer in baseball, the Germans say stare at breasts and Charlie Sheen is still winning. Continue reading