Sunday Link-Off: The Power of Social Media

We’re a little late with the Sunday links. We had a complete internet failure for the last 24 hours at Lowdown HQ. To make up for it, here’s Keira Knightley.

Given Friday’s massive earthquake in Japan, it’s appropriate that we lead with this first-hand account. (Jalopnik)

Twitter was going its dinger during the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Are you still trying to figure it out? Here’s a bare bones guide to Twitter. (The Atlantic)

And it’s probably best that you start on Twitter soon. Facebook will ruin your marriage. (The Guardian)

After the jump, the best beer in baseball, the Germans say stare at breasts and Charlie Sheen is still winning.

Baseball’s spring training is underway. We’re actually only about three weeks from opening day. So which parks have the best brews? Sadly not Rogers Centre. (Big League Stew)

Interestingly, beer isn’t the only thing being served at frat houses any more. In fact, more and more gourmet chefs are doing the cooking for the Greeks. (Wall Street Journal)

So it looks like Matt Hulsizer’s purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes isn’t going to happen. But maybe you’d like to buy an NHL team. All you have to do is fill out this handy application form. (Down Goes Brown)

With all the concern over injuries in the NHL, I thought you’d like this picture of Sidney Crosby in a skatechair. (The Onion)

A slightly old link, but here’s a look at the decline of the Glenn Beck brand. This article should put a smile on your face because there’s still a little common sense in the world. (New York Times)

One of the big stories on the internet right now is this one about a German study saying men should stare at women’s breasts to improve heart health. (Fox Boston)

Mind you, we had that story some 14 months ago. On the radio cut, listen at 10:08. If you’d rather listen to The Lowdown Extra, listen at 31:10. (The Lowdown Blog)

Another danger of Facebook is that people can publicly comment on stuff you post. For example, one guy posted that he’s in a relationship. His friends took the opportunity to make dozens upon dozens of amazing masturbation jokes. (Lion’s Den U)

And on to the photo galleries. First, it’s a look at 14 futuristic innovations that could be coming to still-to-be-built sports stadiums. (Business Insider)

On the lighter side of sports, here’s 50 unusual pieces of sports fan art. Unusual might be an understatement. (With Leather)

And back to the earthquake in Japan. Here’s a look at the devastation in pictures. (The Big Picture) Somehow, still images seem to be more powerful than video.

Charlie Sheen is still winning in this new Songify This song.

Before last week’s game between the Heat and the Lakers, Sir Charles went on a vintage rant.

And on that note, here’s a great Hinterland Who’s Who parody about the Boshtrich.


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