Wednesday Link-Off: Where’s the Money?

anne-v-gqmexico13-03Sorry about the week starting off a little slow on posts. A lot of time went into last week so we’re a bit behind on this week. There are a couple of good gaming posts to close the week that I’m sure you’ll like. For now, here’s the most featured woman in SI Swimsuit history, Anne V.

The big story of the week is NBA player Jason Collins coming out of the closet to make him the first player in an American team sports league to “come out of the closet” as gay. (Sports Illustrated)

President Obama is having trouble getting his agenda through Congress. Compromising isn’t getting him far. He may just have to use his charisma to get his policy proposals through. (Washington Post)

The Harper Conservatives swept to power promising fiscal responsibility. Good luck running the on that when you’ve just lost $3.1 billion that was supposed to go to an anti-terror program. (CBC News)

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