Saturday Link-Off: Fashionably Early

gracie-carvalho-next13-12Hello there. Jackie and I have traded timeslots for the weekend. I’ve got a rare Saturday set of the Sunday links… If that makes any sense. Jackie will have the ELO tomorrow.

In the meantime, let’s start today’s links with Brazilian model Gracie Carvalho.

Critics say that Obamacare is a failure so far because people are having troubles signing up and signups aren’t as massive as they could be. An analysis of Massachusetts’ similar system suggest that slow-ish early adoption is par for the course. (The New Republic)

Sticking with the ACA, it looks like the biggest critic of the rollout that President Obama has right now is Jon Stewart. That’s not a name that you were expecting. (Washington Post)

The ACA rollout could also cause more problems for and with the Democrats in the near future. (Next New Deal)

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Sunday Link-Off: News Madness

gracie-carvalho-next13-01It’s the end of the week which means it’s time for some links. This week will be pretty interesting because I’m planning to debut an IndyCar column this week. It’ll be along the lines of the F1 recap columns and hopefully you enjoy it as much as the F1 column. Along with that, we should have a couple of video game posts. Not sure what else we’ll have this week but we’ll figure it out.

For now, let’s start out with Gracie Carvalho.

You may know Matt Ufford from Kissing Suzy Kolber or SB Nation but before he became a prominent blogger, he was a US Marine. For the ten-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, Ufford writes about his experience as a member of the first wave of Marines in the invasion and the lasting effect it had on him and his men. (GQ)

Now that the Steubenville rape case has been settled, it’s time to turn our attention to a similar case in Torrington, Connecticut, where people seem far more against the victim than in Steubenville. We need Anonymous to get some attention on this case and repay the victim bullying. (The Register Citizen)

Some say that now is the best time in history for access to news and information. However, local news is suffering because of free and open access to news on the internet. (The Atlantic) If free access to news would but an embarrassment of a newspaper like The Sault Star or a glorified press release aggregator like Soo Today out of business, I’m all for it.

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