E3 2009: Thursday Roundup

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of the 2009 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. That doesn’t mean that we were short of things to talk about. Even on the final day, announcements were being made and new details were coming out about recently unveiled games. Continue reading

E3 2009: The Microsoft Outlook

It’s that time again techno-folks. The Electronic Entertainment Expo opened to the public this morning. While Nintendo and Sony both have their usual big shows this year, Microsoft is expected to top them all. In the run up to today’s E3 press conference, Microsoft was rumoured to announce wholesale additions to the XBox 360 including a new interface, integrated controls with other home theatre equipment, and a host of new games. PC gamers were expected to be largely shunned by Microsoft. So what did Microsoft unveil at E3? Find out after the jump. Continue reading