Running Toward Better Health (Infographic)

With the athletics (AKA track & field) events of the 2012 Olympics underway in London, I thought this would be a timely infographic to run. Running is increasingly becoming a more common way for people to work out and stay in shape. Sure, it might be a bit tough on your knees but running can go a long way to making you a better you. Continue reading

Lowdown Radio: April 13, 2010

We enter our second group of 50 episodes starting tonight. Tonight’s episode is all about keeping you active. The show starts with some exam tips for people that couldn’t care less about how their exams go. Next, Jackie drags Steve to the Campus Rec Centre for a day of working out to get in shape for summer. Naturally, this doesn’t go as planned. After that is the news which includes a story about a man who thinks he’s a vampire and one about a woman who was arrested for having loud sex. Norway takes over Jackie’s single of the week and It Came From YouTube features Bob Costas. After the break is the 2010 Major League Baseball preview. The guys predict the Jays’ fortunes for the year, who will make the playoffs and who will take home the big awards.

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On the Extra, the guys give a special welcome to the folks on and explains what The Lowdown and The Lowdown Extra are. There are more exam tips and stories to go with those tips. The news has two more stories. Justin Bieber picks up his first Worst of Music award and the guys discuss how badly reaching puberty will be for his career. After the break is all sorts of baseball talk. There’s more banter about everything including a lengthy discussion about Bud Selig’s proposed floating realignment. In all, there is 67 minutes more of Lowdown Extra action this week. There’s over three times the amount of action in this edition of the Extra than they let us have on radio. And, unlike the radio version of the show, the Extra comes to you uncut and uncensored.

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