Wednesday Link-Off: Countdown to Madness

Well, I got the links off on time today. Let’s start with another linkdump newcomer in Eva Amurri.

It’s time for March Madness which means it’s time for Gus Johnson. The New York Times seems to have discovered the internet’s favourite play-by-play man and profiles Mr. RISE AND FIRE himself. (New York Times)

The NHL’s supplementary discipline system has been described as a wheel of justice. Now we actually have an interactive wheel of justice on the internet. (NHL Wheel of Justice)

And we can’t really get enough of Charlie Sheen and his winning. So to find out if you’re winning, check out this winning flowchart. (Regretful Morning) Banging seven gram rocks? Winning!

After the jump, Charlie Sheen night, scads of links about social media and Web 2.0 and the best of Gus Johnson. Continue reading