Wednesday Link-Off: Countdown to Madness

Well, I got the links off on time today. Let’s start with another linkdump newcomer in Eva Amurri.

It’s time for March Madness which means it’s time for Gus Johnson. The New York Times seems to have discovered the internet’s favourite play-by-play man and profiles Mr. RISE AND FIRE himself. (New York Times)

The NHL’s supplementary discipline system has been described as a wheel of justice. Now we actually have an interactive wheel of justice on the internet. (NHL Wheel of Justice)

And we can’t really get enough of Charlie Sheen and his winning. So to find out if you’re winning, check out this winning flowchart. (Regretful Morning) Banging seven gram rocks? Winning!

After the jump, Charlie Sheen night, scads of links about social media and Web 2.0 and the best of Gus Johnson.

There’s always PSAs out about bullying and how to stop it. Well, Deadspin discovered the greatest anti-bullying PSA ever. A kid being bullied dropped his bully on his head. (Deadspin)

The Bakersfield Condors recently held their Charlie Sheen night. I’m not entirely sure it was what one would call winning. (Off the Bench)

A new study says that the pursuit of happiness is overrated. See, I’m not angry and bitter. I’m just putting forward an adequate amount of effort. (Wall Street Journal)

Slightly shuffled down the list over the last week or so is this story about how the Max Mosley sex scandal could cripple freedom of the press. (Jalopnik)

Speaking of freedom of the press, here’s another look inside the world of blogging powerhouse Gawker Media. (The Atlantic)

Internet Explorer Nine was released yesterday. The first beta I downloaded was so good that I swapped IE for Chrome as my browser of choice. Anyway, here’s a quick tour of the new IE. (Lifehacker)

And in other tech news, The Onion does a very appropriate story about FourSquare. (The Onion) Full disclosure: I have FourSquare but never used it. The article is entirely accurate. And yes, this is an old article.

And Twitter is celebrating their fifth anniversary this week. So why not take a look at the story of the first tweet. (Daily Telegraph)

Ever wonder what a microprocessor really is or does? The great William Shatner has you covered. (Engadget)

You who’s the greatest movie bad-ass of all-time? James Bond. He’s so awesome that I am obligated as a man to link to this list of Bond’s best moments. (UGO)

One more Charlie Sheen link. It’s a hypothetical look at the games he’s playing… And winning. (Planet XBox 360)

Another piece of spectacular Japan coverage. It’s a before and after look at areas hit by the earthquake and tsunami. (ABC)

You can debate if the NCAA’s First Four is really the start of March Madness but Gus Johnson is on the call tonight which means I’ll be watching. Warm up for the tourney with some classic Gus Johnson calls.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a fairly shitty SNL parody. Saturday Night Live did an “actual madness” bracket skit.

And let’s close with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off recut as an indy movie trailer.

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