Worst of Music: Drake – Headlines

I’ve never listened to this Drake guy or seen him reach the top ten of the Billboard charts. He is apparently popular enough to get regular mentions from the folks that we follow on Twitter with @LowdownBlog. He’s even popular enough to be featured in a commercial for NBA 2K12 where he showed his colours as a frontrunner and clueless about basketball by saying the 2010-11 Miami Heat was the best team of all-time. Well, it turns out he’s as good as music as he is at basketball history with his latest single Headlines. Continue reading

Worst of Music: Rihanna – What’s My Name?

The second winner of the Worst of Music award on the blog goes to a radio show regular. Rihanna is a multi-time winner of the WoM on The Lowdown BlogCast and joins Ke$ha as a winner on the blog as well as podcast. Of course, it was Rihanna who was my inspiration for creating the Worst of Music on the podcast to begin with so it’s only fitting that she wins the award yet again for What’s My Name? Continue reading