BioWare Bosses Tease ME3 DLC on Twitter

mass-effect-3-citadel-dlc-unofficial-bannerAs much crap as BioWare has taken over Mass Effect 3 (and Dragon Age 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic), we sure as hell pay attention to every little thing they do. Yesterday, producer Mike Gamble and director/producer Casey Hudson tweeted a couple of promotional images from the upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLCs. Continue reading

BioWare is Going “All Hands on Deck” for Next ME3 DLC

mass-effect-3-citadel-dlc-unofficial-bannerI may have been underwhelmed by Mass Effect 3’s Leviathan DLC but I was more underwhelmed by the follow-up Omega DLC. What was expected to be ME3’s equivalent to Lair of the Shadow Broker turned out more like its Overlord. For the third post-launch DLC, BioWare has gone all hands on deck. Most of the production team’s major players from the full game are back to work on this DLC. That includes the writers, composer Sam Hulick and even voice actors from the main cast. Continue reading

Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Review (or Mama, I’m Coming Home)

mass-effect-3-omega-bannerThe Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC has been an interesting topic of discussion. While most Mass Effect fans loved Aria T’Loak, the overlord of the Omega space station, would doing a mission with her be worth the extra $5 that BioWare was charging? When it was released Lair of the Shadow Broker was the most expensive piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC. Could Omega live up to the legacy of LotSB? Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Preview

For the low price of only $15 (or 1200 Microsoft points or about 50% more than you paid for the last two ME3 DLCs), you can purchase the latest Mass Effect 3 DLC called Omega. In this DLC, Commander Shepard joins forces with Aria to take back the Omega space station. When BioWare first announced this DLC, they only talked about how the DLC would be twice as long as any other ME3 DLC. In the run up to release, more details were announced. We analyse those details and preview the DLC after the jump. Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 Omega: How Much Is Too Much For DLC?

Last week, the latest leak/rumour about the upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC, currently called Omega, came to light. A fan interviewed ME3 producer Mike Gamble who said that the upcoming Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC would be twice as long as any other Mass Effect 3 DLC. The big news, however, was that the price of the DLC would be $15, which is $5 more than the next most expensive Mass Effect DLC. Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 Retaliation DLC: The Complete Breakdown

Last Thursday, BioWare announced the release of the new Retaliation multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3. While it had a nice sizzle reel and listed new enemies, characters, equipment, updated maps and more, it was definitely lacking in detail of what was in the pack. We’ve been perusing the internet and have compiled a detailed breakdown of everything that is confirmed as part of the DLC and all the leaked info about the DLC that BioWare isn’t telling you.

Note: This post has been updated with confirmed info about the DLC. As of the last update, we have new info on the characters released, character classes, map hazards, ammo upgrades and more. Continue reading

BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3 Retaliation Multiplayer DLC

Fresh off the release of today’s Mass Effect 3 v1.04 patch, BioWare announced the long-rumoured Retaliation DLC for ME3’s multiplayer. While BioWare is a little short on specifics of what is being added, we know that the Collectors (the antagonists from Mass Effect 2) are being added as an enemy faction. Several maps will see environmental hazards for the players to deal with. The DLC will also add achievement-like “challenges” which allow the player to unlock special rewards. As per usual with MP DLCs, new characters, weapons and gear are being added. A more detailed run down is available at the BioWare Blog.

Between the patch and the DLC, BioWare is making one last big play to revive a slowly dying multiplayer community. The buzz online makes it sound like the community is almost as excited as they were at launch.

The DLC is free and drops on Tuesday, October 9th.