Chris Evans vs. Jeremy Clarkson: The Infographic

We’re still some months before we see an episode of new old Top Gear and the untitled Clarkson, Hammond and May project but there is still scads of excitement over them. Well, at least, there’s excitement over Amazon throwing millions of dollars at Clarkson, Hammond and May. Given the massive cast at Top Gear led by Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc, a lot of fans are worried about Top Gear reverting to a format that saw it cancelled before Clarkson and Andy Wilman rescued it in the format watched by over 350 million people worldwide. That’s not to say that Top Gear is as good as dead in Evans’s hands.

Our friends at Car Leasing Made Simple made a handy little infographic comparing the incoming host of Top Gear to its outgoing leader. Spoilers: They both have pretty good credentials.

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Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World might not be able to light up the box office in the present, but in 10-15 years from now, this film would have established itself as a cult hit or better yet, it will solidify its title as the defining movie of the Nintendo generation. Edgar Wright has taken the tale of Scott Pilgrim and created one of the most exhilarating, flashy, heartfelt, honest, original mainstream films out there. We may only be eight months into 2010, but this film has already established itself as one of the best of the year. Continue reading