Sunday Link-Off: Very Taxing

You know, I’ve never quite figured out why I run the Sunday links at 8:00 AM. The only reason I’m up this early is to watch an F1 race, such as today’s Singapore Grand Prix which I’ll recap on Monday. Maybe next week, we’ll back the links up to 9:00 AM. Anyway, let’s start today off with Dutch model Bregje Heinen.

Fox News says bringing up something Romney said four months ago is unfair. However, it’s more than fair to bash Obama over something his said 14 years ago. That’s just one of the many reasons that Jon Stewart calls Fox News BULLSHIT MOUNTAIN! (Mediaite)

A 12-year-old boy penned a letter to Mitt Romney explaining to Mittens why his plans are horrible for America. A 12-year-old boy understands the basics of human decency but the Republican Party doesn’t. Says it all, doesn’t it? (Huffington Post)

Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns. There are still a bunch of things he’s not telling us about his finances, though. (Think Progress)

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Sunday Link-Off: To Be The Man

We’ve made our way through another week. We weren’t even bombarded with comments from people who hated my Mass Effect review because of how awful the ME3 ending was. Anyway, since Jackie covered our CanCon yesterday, here’s up and coming Dutch model Bregje Heinen.

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation did their first reunion at a convention as they did an amazing panel at the Calgary sci-fi convention. (Gamma Squad)

Did you know that Ron Swanson- I mean, Nick Offerman does one-man shows? Here’s his life lessons from a recent show. (Uproxx)

Samuel L. Jackson is adding to his record career box office gross revenue in The Avengers. Here’s a profile of Hollywood’s $7 billion man. (New York Times)

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