What Is Canada’s Drink?

This weekend is the May Two-Four weekend in Canada.  Everyone is off to cottage country or maybe just their (or their buddy’s) backyard.  The question then becomes, how does on celebrate the long weekend?  Yeah, I know, booze, booze, and more booze.  But that brings up a question: What is Canada’s national drink?  The contenders and a poll after the jump. Continue reading


Is Alexander Keith’s Copying Rickard’s?

I saw an ad on the internet today about a new “Premium White” beer from Alexander Keith’s. They’re the same folks that bring you one of the most widely available India Pale Ales on the market and their relatively new Red Amber Ale. If you look at other Canadian breweries, there is only one other that pushes Red and White ales and that is the Molson-owned Rickard’s. Continue reading