Wednesday Link-Off: The Worst Generation

ariel-winter-variety16-04Who is the worst generation is pretty much a matter of perspective. If you want to base it on the state of culture available for consumption, it’s easy to blame millennial consumption habits. However, the decision makers in culture and government are the baby boomers who have put us on this course. As a millennial, I feel pretty disenfranchised by both generations. We all suck when you get right down to it.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we’re doing the links. Let’s kick things off with Ariel Winter.

ITT Technical Institute is dead. Normally, people would say “long live” when something like this happens but nobody’s saying that about ITT Tech. (Gizmodo)

This story is likely leading to a libel lawsuit. It’s more about the culture of Fox News under Roger Ailes. (New York Magazine)

Roger Ailes retained the same lawyer Hulk Hogan used and had a letter sent to the author of that article and New York Magazine. He needs this potential lawsuit to go well because Fox News just settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for a reported $20 million. Can the reporting be libel against Ailes if Fox News apologized for how she was treated during her time at the channel? (Daily Intelligencer)

And on this note, a Trump insider has told the press that Trump TV will be coming eventually. (Washington Examiner)

For the last fifty years, the Dallas Morning News has endorsed the Republican presidential candidate. Not this election, though. (Talking Points Memo)

Trump complains about corruption in the Clinton camp but there are questions over a $25,000 donation he made to Florida’s Attorney General that preceded an investigation into Trump University being dropped. (The Hill)

After the last few years, you have to wonder if the baby boomers are the worst generation. (OC Register)

Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t have time for bicyclists who act like dicks to provoke motorists so they can claim to have some sort of moral high ground. (Shifting Lanes)


Wednesday Link-Off: Outta Nowhere

sarah-hyland-ariel-winter-sag16-02It’s a very et geekera week around here on the blog this week. Yesterday was the Fine Bros React World story and tomorrow will be the follow-up. The story is on etg today in case you wanted to click over there. Friday, I’ll have a game review up on the blog. Not sure which review will be up since there are three on etg that haven’t been posted here yet but I’m thinking the most recent of the three is going up this week.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means you aren’t here for me to do a planning meeting. You’re here for the links. Let’s kick things off with the Modern Family duo of Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter.

Bernie Sanders made history on Monday night by becoming the first non-Christian to win a delegate in a Presidential primary. Not too bad but maybe he can do just a little better. (Mic)

In near records, Bernie’s near-draw with Hilary came off the back of the 18-29 vote which he won by 70%. (Washington Post)

It’s not just Flint that has lead in the water. Many other cities in Michigan have lead in the water too. (Detroit News)

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