New Lowdown Swag – Charlie Sheen Edition

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’re all about winning on The Lowdown Blog these last couple of days. This week’s talk about Charlie Sheen and winning have inspired the creation of two new pieces of Lowdown Swag for you. The first has Charlie’s new catch phrase “I’m winning” on the front. The other is an unofficial design for Charlie’s buddies, the Vatican Assassin Warlocks. Continue reading


Pick the Best of The Lowdown BlogCast

Every year we do a special Listeners’ Choice episode of The Best of The Lowdown BlogCast. Today, we’re not announcing a vote for the best of season three but a best of the last three years of Lowdown. After the jump are some of our better and more memorable segments from the last three seasons of The Lowdown. You get to vote for your favourites and get them included in a special Best of The Lowdown podcast. Continue reading

Join The Lowdown Fantasy Hockey League

As a sort of spur of the moment decision, I’ve created a Lowdown fantasy hockey league over on the TSN/ESPN website. It’s a public pool so anyone can join. That means I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get one of the 20 spots available (but with our sizeable readership, you should be able to get in). It’s a head to head league with the winner of each match-up based on winning the most of the nine categories (G, A, +/-, PIM, SOG, PPP, W, GAA, SV%) in play kinda like the old Yahoo pools we all used to play. Each team has 19 roster spots with nine forwards, four defencemen and two goalies starting.

The autopick draft takes place at 5:00 AM tomorrow (Thursday, October 7) so sign up now and set your picks.

Click here to go to The Lowdown Blog Fantasy Hockey League.

UPDATE: We ran out of space in the LBFHL so we’ve set up a second league. Same settings as the other one. Check it out here.

Introducing Lowdown Swag

We here at Lowdown HQ like to do campus radio talk shows differently. This is obvious through our unique Lowdown Extra bonus content available for download available on the blog. Now, we’re trying something different again.

Today, we’re officially launching Lowdown Swag. It’s our official line of clothing. Right now, we have five designs available for purchase as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other assorted merchandise. So take a look at the merchandise and keep checking back here for new releases. Continue reading

Reminder: You Can Still Vote For The Best of The Lowdown

Sorry for the lack of a better post today but we were busy with the run up to another radio broadcast. Tonight, we aired the second of three planned “Best of” episodes of The Lowdown radio. Coming up on July 21st is the third and final “Best of” episode of the season and I want your help to script the show. Continue reading

Program an Episode of The Lowdown

The Lowdown radio show is currently broadcasting its best moments from the past season. We’re including some of the funniest and most memorable moments from the last eight months of episodes. But that doesn’t quite work at Lowdown HQ. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to program our final episode of the “Best of The Lowdown.” Continue reading

Lowdown Radio with Rich Christensen

On May 26th, we have a special episode of The Lowdown radio show. I interview Rich Chistensen. He is the creator of several of Speed Channel’s most popular shows including Pinks, Pinks All Out, Pass Time, and Drag Race High. For the whole show we talk about his new live drag racing show, ArmDrop Live, his work for Speed Channel, what he thinks about street racing, how much control he has over Pinks All Out and a short preview of the upcoming season.

Listen to the complete interview at