Introducing Lowdown Swag

We here at Lowdown HQ like to do campus radio talk shows differently. This is obvious through our unique Lowdown Extra bonus content available for download available on the blog. Now, we’re trying something different again.

Today, we’re officially launching Lowdown Swag. It’s our official line of clothing. Right now, we have five designs available for purchase as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other assorted merchandise. So take a look at the merchandise and keep checking back here for new releases. Continue reading


Reminder: You Can Still Vote For The Best of The Lowdown

Sorry for the lack of a better post today but we were busy with the run up to another radio broadcast. Tonight, we aired the second of three planned “Best of” episodes of The Lowdown radio. Coming up on July 21st is the third and final “Best of” episode of the season and I want your help to script the show. Continue reading

Program an Episode of The Lowdown

The Lowdown radio show is currently broadcasting its best moments from the past season. We’re including some of the funniest and most memorable moments from the last eight months of episodes. But that doesn’t quite work at Lowdown HQ. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to program our final episode of the “Best of The Lowdown.” Continue reading

Lowdown Radio with Rich Christensen

On May 26th, we have a special episode of The Lowdown radio show. I interview Rich Chistensen. He is the creator of several of Speed Channel’s most popular shows including Pinks, Pinks All Out, Pass Time, and Drag Race High. For the whole show we talk about his new live drag racing show, ArmDrop Live, his work for Speed Channel, what he thinks about street racing, how much control he has over Pinks All Out and a short preview of the upcoming season.

Listen to the complete interview at

Welcome To The Lowdown Blog Official Launch

I know that we’ve been running pretty much full time since the beginning of April but we said ages ago that this would become our online home on May 1st. So welcome to The Lowdown Blog. This is a spin-off of The Lowdown radio show that has run for two years on 94.9FM CHRW in London, Ontario, Canada. Like the radio show, we’ll have news, sports, and entertainment news and opinion. It’s the same Lowdown fun and excitement in a blog.

If you haven’t been here before, maybe you’d like to read up on some of our more popular articles:
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If you want to get in touch with us, you can email us at Or if Twitter is more your thing, you can follow me on Twitter.

We’ve Won An Award

Sorry for the random bit of self-indulgence but I’ve just won my second CHRW Volunteer of the Year award.  Unfortunately, The Lowdown radio show did not win for best talk show.  We were beat out for that by that TV Western show that they simulcast on radio.  But we still won the big award of the night so that other show’s hosts can stick it.

And congratulations to my usual sports partner in crime, Josh Sweetland, who picked up the award for top sports commentator.  He’s someone you’ll hear on big games for years to come.

Don’t forget, you can always listen to The Lowdown radio show at

Doing a Music Show: How Hard Can It Be?

This Sunday at midnight (as Saturday becomes Sunday), The Lowdown is taking over the airways in London for two full hours. The only difference between this and the usual Tuesday night editions of The Lowdown is that this is supposed to be mostly music.

We’re taking over for one night only, subbing in for regular host Simon Machina. Except where Simon does electronic music, we have carte blanche. The only rules we must abide by are 25% new music and 25% Canadian content.

Since we don’t have the same time constraints on a usual half-hour episode of The Lowdown, we can take calls and chat on air.  I suppose that means we can take requests for songs too.  You can call us on Sunday at 519-661-3600.

So, hosting a music show: how hard can it be? Find out on Sunday, March 22nd at midnight and listen to our account of this ordeal on The Lowdown on May 12th at 6:30PM.

We’ve Been Nominated

The Lowdown radio show on 94.9FM CHRW in London, ON has been nominated for the Best Talk Show award at this year’s CHRW Awards. Hopefully this year’s awards goes better than last year’s when we were shut out in our combined five nominations.

In addition to the show’s nomination, I’ve been nominated for Outstanding Sports Commentary and Volunteer of the Year.

If you want to find out what makes The Lowdown one of the best radio shows in London, check out our archives at

We’re Doing a Trial Run Tomorrow

The title pretty much says it all.  We’re going to make a trial run of what I envision to be a typical day on The Lowdown Blog after we officially open the doors on May 1st.  My current plans have a morning linkdump to start the day off.  There will be a few posts during the day that will either be various news updates from around the world.  Well, not just news but news, sports, entertainment, and randominity.  Of course, nothing is set in stone yet so it will be a day of mostly flying by the seat of my pants.  And no guarantee but I would anticipate The Lowdown Blog debut of Lowdown radio host Jackie Ho tomorrow.

You can keep up on tomorrow’s madness by subscribing to our news (RSS) feed by clicking here.

Welcome to our new home

The Lowdown is moving online homes on May 1st.  So we don’t lose out on a blog domain thing (you know, what you type before the “”), we’ve staked our claim here early.  Any blogs we write until the beginning of May will be cross-posted here and on the myspace page.

Until we take control here on a more full-time basis, you can follow us on MySpace and listen to The Lowdown radio show.  And remember that you can contact us anytime at