Sunday Link-Off: Tweet Me a River

morena-baccarin-gqmexico16-06Remember when we all had a laugh about Donald Trump’s campaign taking away his Twitter? Now that he has Twitter back, his White House team should be looking to do the same before long. I’m sure they’ll control the @POTUS Twitter account but they really need to take away his cellphone before he causes some trouble.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that you’re here looking for the links. Let’s kick things off with Morena Baccarin which reminds me that I’m well behind on Gotham.

Donald Trump had a doctor’s note saying he’d be the healthiest President ever but was he tested for irony deficiency. Less than an hour after an SNL skit about Trump tweeting too much, Trump was tweeting a complaint about it. (Vox)

China isn’t too happy that President-elect Trump is taking calls from Taiwan. They passive-aggressively let the world know about it. (The Guardian)

Also in questionable Asian diplomatic relations, apparently Trump is a backer if Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte who launched a drug war in his country leading to 38 deaths per day. (Think Progress)

Some prominent Trump supporters are already abandoning ship. Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin are both denouncing recent Trump moves. (San Francisco Gate)

There’s a popular petition going around demanding that Melania Trump move to Washington so her presence in Trump Tower doesn’t cost the city over $1 million per day and disrupt downtown traffic and businesses. (The Independent)

How many Trump voters voted to get rid of their own health insurance? Economist Paul Krugman crunches the numbers. (New York Times)

Have we all given up the idea that the “alt-right” isn’t much other than a white supremacist movement? (LA Times)

The early days of computer animation were highlighted by a Canadian cartoon. It was ahead of its time then but it’s aged pretty badly in this computer-literate age. (BuzzFeed)


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