Wednesday Link-Off: Distraction

nina-dobrev-menshealth16-01It looks like the easiest way to help the American people cope with fraud lawsuit settlements, conflicts of interest and filling the swamp? Just distract them with things like Broadway casts, alleged voter fraud and going after the First Amendment. When you look past the distractions, that’s were the real scary story lies.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we’re here to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Nina Dobrev.

Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of the Presidential election in the run up to it and is now questioning its legitimacy now that he’s won. (Vox)

Of course, accusations of voter fraud could all be distraction from ongoing voter suppression. (Huffington Post)

Today in irony, Donald Trump, who wanted to jail Hilary Clinton over deleted emails, is considering appointing a man who leaked secret government files as his Secretary of State. (Politico)

About that swamp that’s supposed to be drained, the new White House Council is a lawyer who defended a corrupt former GOP House leader. (Salon)

Appropriately,’s word of the year is “xenophobia.” (CNN)

Meanwhile, in Korea, there’s a chance that their next President could be in the same populist mould as Trump. (Bloomberg)

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says that they can go ad-free with $400 million in annual funding. Will the federal government go for it? (CBC News)

The British nanny state is going to crack down on online pornography and might even add a little invasion of privacy for good measure. (The Independent)


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