Wednesday Link-Off: What’s After Acceptance?

daisy-ridley-theeaglehuntress16-03So if the five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, is there something that comes after acceptance? Considering the stories out of the President-Elect’s camp, perhaps fear is the most logical feeling right now.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we’re here to do the links. Since we’re one month from more Star Wars, let’s kick things off with Daisy Ridley.

With journalism and the press under attack before, during and after the election, we need to remember that an independent press is an important asset to society. (The Guardian)

Drain the swamp? No, it just got higher. Team Trump isn’t the anti-establishment group that his voters wanted. (Salon)

Yes, Trump and company are outsiders but maybe a bit too outsider to quite appreciate the scope of what they’re in for. (Business Insider)

Ironically, that’s the same reason that Ben Carson turned down consideration for a post in the Trump cabinet. (The Hill)

As for the Democrats, their Congressional efforts will be led by progressive superstars Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. (Boston Globe)

Megyn Kelly didn’t want to be the story but her encounters with Donald Trump and Roger Alies changed that and resulted in some odd and scary moments. (Washington Post)

President-Elect Trump has been threatening lawsuits but that would just be adding to 75 he is currently involved in. (The Daily Beast)

While Americans want to move to Canada, Canadians are willing to adopt the US west coast as new provinces. (Think Pol)


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