Sunday Link-Off: Beyond Unfit

Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen Donald Trump go from being considered unfit for the presidency to proving himself unfit for the presidency to showing himself for far beyond that consideration that it’s amazing that he’s not polling at 0%. He wanted to promote the Trump brand with this campaign but he might have just nuked it for he and generations of Trumps to come. Without the brand, what do they have?

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we’re here for the links. No pictures to kick off the links this week. I trust that’s understandable given the context of the post.

The latest week of the campaign ended with another should-be campaign ending scandal as a tape was released of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women and being able to do so with his star status. (New York Times)

And here’s Trump’s non-apology. If he could have dropped the politics for a moment (like not pivoting into “but my opponent’s husband is worse”) and been honest (like that he’s a different person when he’s just spent last week fat and slut shaming Alicia Machado), maybe it would have been somewhat effective. (NBC News)

Don’t expect these sorts of stories to end any time soon, a producer on The Apprentice says there are “far worse” tapes out there. When those drop, could that finally be it? (The Hill)

The women that Trump talks about making a move on in the tape is Nancy O’Dell. She also hosted Miss USA. Trump tried to fire her two years after the tape was recorded. (The Daily Beast)

The day before the latest Trump scandal broke, he said that his comments about women were for entertainment purposes. So he’s talking about sexually assaulting women for entertainment. What a lovely man. (Politico)

I suppose he was trying to be entertaining when he said that Howard Stern could call his daughter, Ivanka, a piece of ass. (CNN)

If Trump knows the tax code better than anyone, why does his accountant say that Trump didn’t know a line of the tax code and left him alone except for signing it. (NBC News)

With that in mind, was Trump playing fast and loose with paying taxes with more than just his tax returns? (Share Blue)

The Wall Street Journal has found a pattern of Trump donating to state Attorney Generals when they were looking into his business. Funny coincidence, that. (Talking Points Memo)

There’s a saying about people who live in glass houses throwing stones. Perhaps Donald should consult that before saying anything in tonight’s debate. (The Daily Beast)

The Donald got his gastroenterologist to write a note claiming that he would be the most healthy President in the history of the union. That’s hard to believe that as he would be the oldest and fattest US President in a century. (The Sun)


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