Sunday Link-Off: The Foundation

anne-v-maxim16-01There are many things you can say about the ongoing US Presidential election campaign but the least controversial statement is that it’s entertaining. That’s mostly because it’s a months-long car crash but that’s still entertaining. I’m glad that I’m not American because “entertaining” would frighten me given how it’s entertaining.

Anyway, it’s Sunday and that means that we’re here to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Russian model Anne V.

Ever wonder what Donald Trump’s policy positions are? Here is a look at his ever-changing policies, including his 13 positions on his Muslim ban. (CNBC)

The Associated Press tried doing an exposé on the Clinton Foundation and managed to embarrass themselves in the eyes of other journalists. (Vox)

And that villainous Clinton Foundation has received $110,000 in donations from the Trump Foundation. Since Trump thinks the Clinton Foundation is used for political favours, what does this donation really mean? (Mother Jones)

Voter fraud is real and Trump’s new campaign cheat is caught in the middle of it. He’s registered as a voter in Florida at an unoccupied residence that neighbours have never seen him in. Florida law says that he needs to live there six months a year to be eligible to register there to vote. (The Guardian)

Continuing with the theme of Donald Trump hiring the best people, a number of his campaign staffers have made comments that one could consider racist or treasonous. (LA Times)

Gawker died last week thanks to Peter Thiel’s revenge-fueled backing of Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit. He killed Gawker and press freedom along with it. (Reason)

Don’t think the Fox News sexual harassment news is done. There’s a lot more that we haven’t heard yet it would seem. (New York Times)

There is such a thing as a carbon accountant and a carbon accountant says that you can blame most climate change on just 90 companies. (Science)

The hardest part of producing The Grand Tour is apparently trying to do things that won’t lead to the BBC suing them. Considering how much less money they are likely making off of new new Top Gear’s slumping ratings, the BBC might need those lawsuits. (Daily Telegraph)

By the way, how does The Grand Tour look now? Fantastic! (Radio Times)

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