Sunday Link-Off: Apocalympics

nina-dobrev-instagram16-01bSo the 2016 Olympics are underway and none of the athletes have died as of writing. That’s a massive surprise considering all that’s gone wrong in the run up to the Olympics. The best thing to come out of Rio 2016 so far is the alternative to “LOLympics” of “Apocalympics.” Considering the dangerous conditions of Rio, that’s a more appropriate term.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we’re here to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Nina Dobrev.

Right-leaning media personality Glenn Beck says that Russia hacked Hilary Clinton’s emails to take her down. This on top of smoke regarding Trump and his team’s connections to Russia can’t be coincidence. (The Hill)

President Trump would be hard on immigration despite immigration being a major part of American history and culture. Would he be as hard on his wife? Her record with regards to immigration and work visas is raising some serious questions. (Politico)

A woman in Dallas just ruined public information requests for the rest of us. She filed 89 of them and uncovered a Secret Service sex scandal. (Dallas Morning News)

The state of North Carolina is being sued for gerrymandering its congressional districts to favour the Republican Party. (Mother Jones)

Yesterday, a Serbian rowing tandem capsized and fell in the water. If that water doesn’t kill them, the air just might since it’s also polluted. (The Independent)

By the way, the Brazilian Olympic team wasn’t tested for a month before the games. So that’s a disaster waiting to happen. (Reuters)

If I shot a kid in an incident that exacerbated a racial divide in my country, I wouldn’t brag about it. I’m not George Zimmerman, though. He did and got punched in the face for it. History would suggest that he asks for it repeatedly. (WFTV)

There’s a new Northern Ontario separatist political party in Canada. I’ve given more thought to this link intro than should probably be given to the party. (CBC News)

Remember that Rick and Morty reading of a Georgia court transcript? Adult Swim uploaded the video for all to enjoy.

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