Sunday Link-Off: Electioneering

jenna-coleman-voguegala16-05So both conventions are done and now we just have to survive three months until the election. I’m not even in America and I wish they’d just get it over with. I’m already sick of hearing the same nonsensical and unhelpful stuff from literally everyone. My problem with politicians is they say they will do things but never how. The how is where political differences exist. My right-wing friends want to fix the economy by giving more money to businesses to spend. I think that they won’t spend a dime if it doesn’t help him but consumers will spend if you give them more money. See, that’s political philosophy that this campaign is lacking.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick off with Jenna Coleman.

Six Michigan state employees have been charged in relation to the Flint water crisis. (USA Today)

A Federal court struck down North Carolina’s voter ID law after finding that it targeted black voters in an apparent attempt to disenfranchise them. (Washington Post)

The Koch Brothers have no idea what Donald Trump is on about when he says that he turned down a meeting with the billionaire political funders. (The Hill)

It’s tradition, but not law, for a Presidential candidate to not release their personal tax returns. Donald Trump has no intention of doing so. Why would that be? (Chicago Tribune)

The man who filmed the video of the NYPD choking Eric Grenier which directly led to his death was arrested by the police as part of an alleged drug sting. That man thinks it was a retaliatory move. (NBC New York)

On that note, when is force too much? A corrections officer crushed a prisoner’s windpipe but hasn’t been charged with his murder. (The Daily Beast)

Olympic athletes have been advised to keep their mouths closed in the contaminated water. Still qualifying for LOLympics status. (

A pet gecko was lost by WestJet for three days before they found and returned it. Given everyone’s dissatisfaction with airlines, this was a big story in Canada last week. (CBC)

If you have the same name as your character, at what point do you stop being that character and are yourself? Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central and CBS are all dealing with that question right now. (Esquire)


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