Sunday Link-Off: Resurgence

jessica-alba-braun16-03For our pre-July 4th edition of the links, I think it’s only appropriate that we title this post after the new Independence Day movie. I haven’t seen it yet but the critical reception makes me think that I should wait until it lands on TV before I consider watching it. After all, the original Independence Day is a mainstay on TV so why not the sequel.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with Jessica Alba.

The Baltimore Police Department is changing its Use Of Force policy for the first time in thirteen years to emphasize de-escalation and ask officers to intervene if other officers are stepping over the line. (Baltimore Sun)

I’m not sure if a podcast helping someone getting a new trial is a good thing or an indictment of the legal system that a random podcast might save a man. (NPR)

The UN says that disrupting internet access is violation of a human right. So everyone that extorts money for wifi should be reported to the UN. (Think Progress)

Most Americans believe the economy is rigged against them. So your options for President are someone who got to where he is because of that economy you believe to be rigged or someone who was a member of two White Houses that governed that economy you believed to be rigged. That’s a hell of a choice. (Common Dreams)

Good news, Canada! The government has announced its next steps for legalizing marijuana. (CBC)

The BC government is going to take a bigger role in regulation of real estate with prices skyrocketing out of control. (The Globe and Mail)

Nestle is opening up a bottled water plant in Phoenix because there’s water in the desert to be bottled. (Bloomberg)

Just in time for Independence Day, a new survey of baseball fans says that they’d like rid of “God Bless America.” (NY Daily News)

The Associated Press will use automated reporters to cover minor league baseball. I hope they lend that technology to my local daily to improve all reporting here. (Poynter)


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