Wednesday Link-Off: White Hat

emilia-clarke-jenna-coleman-mebeforeyou16-02Is a story really an insider story when it was extracted by less than kosher means? If the facts can’t be obtained any other way, maybe it’s for the greater good. Anonymous is pretty divisive but you have to admit their hactivism doesn’t make them villains. While the law doesn’t seem to take too kindly to White Hat Hackers, there’s definitely a need for them out there if they’re serving the public good.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we usually do the links. Let’s kick off with Emilia Clarke and Jenna Coleman.

Hackers got into Hilary Clinton’s campaign servers and the Democratic National Committee’s servers and went from there to hack info from all sorts of politically affiliated groups. (Bloomberg)

The real damage might be done by Guccifer 2.0 who found and posted all sorts of Clinton campaign docs. Maybe Bernie should stick around until the convention in case he’s needed. (Washington Examiner)

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is being accused of using his Foundation as a political slush fund. (The Daily Beast)

The underground economy in Canada has been estimated at around $45 billion in value. (CTV News)

But nobody in Canada is talking about this. The biggest story in the country is the return of Ron MacLean to the host’s chair on Hockey Night In Canada. (Toronto Star)

A report says that the DEA will reclassify marijuana as “Schedule Two” which will legalize medical marijuana in all 50 states. (Santa Monica Observer)

Evidence has surfaced that Russia has been using cluster bombs in Syria. The evidence came from Russian state television. Oops. (Meduza)

In Venezuela, 87% of citizens can’t afford food. (New York Times)

Apparently upcoming game No Man’s Sky was in danger of losing its name in a lawsuit with Sky. Fortunately, in the time since the release delay was announced, a settlement over use of the word “sky” was reached. What a fucking farce the copyright system can be. (The Verge)


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