Wednesday Link-Off: Vigilante

You know, I’m getting pretty bad at remembering to finish off blog posts. The whole of the links were done but I forgot to actually write the intro and hit publish. The good news is that I’m working on a bunch of stuff for next week so something will be ready to publish if I remember to hit publish. For example, E3 is coming soon so expect those previews and recaps starting Sunday.

Recently uncovered documents suggest that the Edward Snowden did try to whistleblow through the proper channels but was ignored by the American government. (The Liberty Conservative)

It’s not just Flint. Up to 33 other US cities might have high levels of lead in their drinking water. (The Guardian)

The incoming President of the Philippines sure sounds like he’s going to encourage vigilantism. (The Journal)

I keep mentioning this company and I don’t plan to stop. If you were ever interested in wrestling, you want to try Lucha Underground. (Vice)

Shortly before his death, doctors determined that Kimbo Slice would need a heart transplant. (Sun Sentinel)

A Twitch viewer has made a game of making big donations to streamers before waiting up to a month before charging back through PayPal so they don’t keep the donation. After a $50,000 donation, PayPal put the kibosh on that donation scam. Serves him right. (eTeknix)

Riot is bringing the LCS Summer Finals to Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. A spot at Worlds is on the line for the winner with another point for the next highest team in the points standings. (League of Legends)

Because there is nothing more important happening in the world, the Ontario Attorney General is going to look into why you didn’t get Tragically Hip tickets. (Toronto Star)


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