Entertainment Link-Off: So It Continues…

sophie turnerWhere has the week gone? It’s Saturday again, so it’s time to go through the weekly links in entertainment. The Jungle Book is getting tons of great reviews, so it might be worthwhile to check it out in cinemas this weekend. Anyway, let’s kick the ELO off with Sophie Turner. The season 6 premiere for Game of Thrones is fast approaching. Get excited folks!

After the jump, everyone is fighting to make a Pokemon live action movie, a few Game of Thrones tidbits, a few sequel news, Furious 7 deserved a few Oscars, and check out the first Asian jedi!

There is an all out bidding war for rights to make a live action Pokemon movie. While Warner Brothers might be the early favourites, Legendary Pictures want a piece of the pie. Tricky situation is that Lengendary is now owned by a Chinese corporation and let’s just say Chinese/Japanese relations aren’t exactly good. (THR)

The showrunners behind Game of Thrones want to end the series on a shortened season 7 and 8, but if HBO gets its way, it won’t be ending anytime soon. As if the network would allow their most favourite show have shortened seasons! (Variety)

Despite HBO’s every desire to milk every penny out of their most popular franchise, there are no plans for a Game of Thrones spinoff just yet. (Entertainment Weekly)

Avatar’s sequel has not even hit production yet but James Cameron is adding more to his plate by announcing 4 more flicks dating to 2023! Well given the amount of times Avatar 2 has been delayed already, let’s just say we’ll believe it when we actually see it. (Slashfilm)

Some familiar names have popped up as the showrunners for the upcoming The Defenders series. Perhaps the Marvel TV team up series is in good hands. (Collider)

With production for Gambit delayed, Channing Tatum now has time to appear in another flick as an American with a bit of southern charm. I’m sure he’ll be a fine addition to the Kingsman sequel. (Twitter)

Don’t fix what’s not broken. Seems like FOX got the memo. Deadpool 2 has been officially greenlit with the original creative team intact! (Comic Book)

Furious 7 director James Wan points out that the film deserved an Oscar. Perhaps not in the categories you may be thinking. He is right and has some valid points to back it up. (Collider)

We are barely into season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead and a season 3 pick up has just happened! (IGN)

Here’s a fun little infographic that is a mashup of Game of Thrones with The Hunger Games. Read up on The Hunger Game of Thrones! (The TV Addict)

A look at why Scott Pilgrim vs the World is so freakin’ awesome! (Joblo)

The first trailer for Doctor Strange really highlights how this will be a very different Marvel film.

One less reason to tune into Teen Wolf. Arden Cho announces her departure from the show.

Here’s a fun little Star Wars themed short from Wong Fu. Have a look at The First Asian Jedi!

Music recommendation of the week. A cover of Can You Stand the Rain from David So, P. Keys and Jason Chen.


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