Wednesday Link-Off: Media Matters

paige-vanzant-dwts16-01Watching The People v. O.J. Simpson made me think that stories are the most powerful resource that we have. Everyone loves a story. Whether it’s a TV show or just a conversation, we’re all interested in a compelling narrative. That’s what the media feeds us, be it in fiction or the truth played out in front of us in such a way to create an engaging story.

Anyway, it’s Wendesday which means that we have to do the links. Since Dancing with the Stars is back (again), let’s kick off with UFC fighter Paige VanZant.

Gawker might be over $100 million poorer after the Hogan lawsuit but it may not be dead yet. (The Daily Beast)

Hilary Clinton, the candidate that wanted all the debates in the 2008 Democratic Primary, thinks that Bernie Sanders is too mean to debate in 2016. Has she seen what’s happening on the red side? (Mother Jones)

The important part of debates is that they’re effectively free press. However, the press’ parent companies are donating to the Clinton campaign. (Huffington Post)

Much like security experts expected, the FBI was able to hack into the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter. (Washington Post)

North Carolina passed a massive anti-LGBT bill last week. The state of Georgia has taken the opposite approach and the governor will veto any similar bill. (Think Progress)

Billions of dollars later and a study says that the war on drugs has done nothing to curb the use and supply of drugs. (CBC News)

Before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, I wouldn’t have pegged Canadians as being aggressively proud to be Canadian. A lot’s changed since then. For example, A&W is switching to French’s ketchup out of Canadian pride. (Toronto Star)

As someone who is apparently a millennial, I found this satire of a New York Times story about millennials quite comical. (Fusion)

And millennial hobos are a thing too. (GQ)


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