Wednesday Link-Off: The New Economy

hayden-panettiere-criticschoice16-05There are a lot of funny and terrifying economic stories in today’s links. The price of oil has tanked. The TPP is probably bad for you. Basically, unless you’re in oil, it looks like the economy is only going to benefit the rich. Those income inequality charts are just going to keep getting worse.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so you know what that means. Let’s kick off with Hayden Panettiere who certainly doesn’t look like she did on Heroes.

Bernie Sanders might be onto something when he says that big pharma should be to blame for the opioid problem in America. (Vox)

With the falling price of oil, a barrel costs more than the oil that goes in it. (The Independent)

NYT has a look at how El Chapo was captured by Mexican authorities. (New York Times)

When it comes to net favourability ratings among voters, only Bernie Sanders is thought of positively across the board. (FiveThirtyEight)

A UN report says the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be worth about 0.28% growth to the Canadian economy. Why didn’t we sign up sooner? (Rabble)

But don’t worry if you’re not Canadian, the TPP will help you out in Canada. (The Tyee)

BC is bringing its schools into the 21st century. They’re adding coding to their school curriculum. It makes me wish I had those sorts of opportunities growing up. (Globe & Mail)

It’s Oscar time so here is some of the annual discussion about the lack of diversity at the Oscars. (The Wrap)

The Royal Rumble is this weekend. If the Fed wants to prevent a third-straight year with a terrible main event, they should focus on doing a few key things with the match. (With Spandex)

Speaking of sports entertainment, NASCAR is overhauling competition in its second-tied Xfinity Series and third-tier Camping World Truck Series. Both are getting their own Chase playoff formats. The Xfinity series is getting four races with heat segments and the CWTS is getting a 20-minute caution clock. Suddenly, I’m glad Speed/Fox Sports Racing was pulled by my crappy cable provider. (USA Today)


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