Wednesday Link-Off: The Other Eve Eve

anna-kendrick-variety15-01I just realized that people are more than willing to call December 23rd “Christmas Eve Eve” but no one calls December 30th “New Year’s Eve Eve.” It doesn’t really make sense to call one date an “eve eve” but not the other. Hell, you even have to do last-minute shopping on both eve eves. Granted, one is for gifts and this one is solely to get you drunk. Priorities, right?

Anyway, it’s the last Wednesday of 2015 which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Since it’s the last linkdump of the year, we have to lead off this post with our woman of the year. Using the scientific analysis criteria of the blog’s traffic, posts, comments and so on, for the second consecutive year, our woman of the year is Anna Kendrick.

Are those who want to limit free speech as a weapon to combat terrorism themselves a form of terrorist? It’s an interesting little debate. (The Intercept)

As we gear up for Presidential primaries starting next year, we witness the ongoing death of the Republican Party as a political group and the rise of an anti-establishment cultural movement in its stead. (Washington Post)

Why does everyone seem more scared of everything thing this year than last? Because the TV news is exploiting your fear for ratings. (Rolling Stone)

As Justin Trudeau works to legalize marijuana, he fights a “war” against marijuana that has been ongoing since his father was in power. (National Post)

By the way, if you’re worried about kids getting their hands on pot after it’s legalized, don’t worry. More kids are smoking marijuana now than cigarettes. (Al Jazeera America)

A new Simon Fraser University study suggests that portraying plus-sized models as being healthy may lead to unhealthy behaviour. (CBC News)

Things aren’t looking so good at the new Top Gear. Chris Evans is feeling overworked and the producers are out of their depth. (Daily Mail)

WrestleCrap highlights the 50 crappiest everything in wrestling from the past twelve months. We’ve talked about #1 before on the blog. That’s when you know it’s bad. (WrestleCrap)

The WTF is rebranding because WTF means something different from what their WTF means. (The Guardian)


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