Wednesday Link-Off: Eve Eve

You know, I really think that this Christmas Eve Eve and yesterday’s Christmas Eve Eve Eve shit is just dumb. Today is December 23rd. If you need help remembering that it’s the day before the day before Christmas, I’m not sure that calling it Christmas Eve Eve will be that much of a benefit to you in the long run. I probably sound like a surly old bastard but kids these days just don’t make any sense. I wonder if they think they’re being funny. That’s not how humour works.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for us to do the links. Normally, I’d kick off with someone but I didn’t find anyone before I dozed off watching StarCraft last night. More on that at the bottom of the post.

Donald Trump could win the Republican primary but could he beat anyone in an election. A new poll has Bernie Sanders 13 points ahead of Trump. (The Hill)

Many Canadians can’t afford homes and blame foreign buyers. Will banning them help at all? (Quartz)

PostMedia is disintegrating from the inside. Maybe if they focused a bit on journalism and being a news organization, things would be different right now. (iPolitics)

Donald Trump might be the leading Republican candidate but it’s the nomination of Ted Cruz that should scare America. You do know he’s Canadian right? Where’s his long-form birth certificate? (Politicus)

You might think that Donald Trump’s latest comments about Hilary using the washroom during the recent Democratic debate were sexist (and I’d never disagree with that) but it wasn’t just Trump being Trump. He’s using some next level psychology on people. (The Fix)

A group of friends went to a Trump rally on acid. One of them left absolutely terrified. (/r/Psychonaut)

‘Tis the season to talk about Christmas movies. Here’s an oral history of Home Alone’s movie-in-a-movie Angels with Filthy Souls. (Vanity Fair)

It’s an old article but you don’t want to know what would have happened to the Wet Bandits if Home Alone was real. (The Week)

How do you get people in the Christmas spirit? Play Wham’s Last Christmas for two hours straight on radio. (The Independent)

So I was late with today’s post because I fell asleep watching the four-hour “epic” between Avilo and AgileZerg. Halifax’s own Maximus Black has a summary.

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