Wednesday Link-Off: Use the Force

daisy-ridley-starwars15-01I’m not sure whether I should start this post by saying after a ten-year wait or a thirty-two-year wait. It’s been ten years since the prequel trilogy ended but we’re 32 years past the conclusion of the original trilogy that The Force Awakens picks up from. I’ve basically sequestered myself from all things Star Wars since the trailer in October so I’m going in nearly blind. As I mentioned earlier this week, we’re planning a movie review podcast at some point soon to talk Star Wars.

There are no Star Wars links in today’s set of links. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t start with Daisy Ridley who stars in the new movie.

A former Romney staffer got into a Donald Trump focus group and found his party completely broken. (The Daily Beast)

Ted Cruz is vaulting up the Republican primary polls but is he any better than either Trump or Carson? (Rolling Stone)

For the next few weeks, the battle will be between Trump and Cruz. I’m still hoping that Rubio surges up the polls. He seems like one of the more sensible candidates now that Christie skewed hard right to make up for getting along with Obama post Hurricane Sandy. (Vox)

The city of Flint, Michigan, has declared a state of emergency because of the number of children with lead in their blood from the town’s water. (Washington Post)

“Another year has passed, but the list of massive global problems has stayed the same.” (Harvard Business Review)

A number of American Catholic leaders signed an open letter in support for Planned Parenthood. (Catholics for Choice)

Serena Williams was named the SI Sportsperson of the Year (one of two times a year that SI is relevant). Is her cover photo really a show of female athlete empowerment or is it objectification? (Chicago Sun-Times)

NHLer Patrick Kane is on a points scoring streak. The narrative is that he’s “overcoming” his rape accusations. The media has spent far too much time and effort into effectively belittling the very serious issue of sexual assault and rape culture. (Pension Plan Puppets)

Just because you’re a popular YouTuber doesn’t mean that you’re going to be rolling in the money. (Fusion)

Hamilton’s CHCH TV declared bankruptcy last Friday. It turns out that they did so to jettison their current union agreement and debt. (CBC News)


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