Wednesday Link-Off: You Require More Minerals

salma-hayek-lacma15-01So this week is kind of big in gaming. Yesterday saw the release of Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. I’m spending my time with SC2 and I’m hoping to do a two-part review starting with the campaign in a couple of weeks followed by a look at the multiplayer modes. But there looks to be a lot of campaign to sink my teeth into.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s kick this off with Salma Hayek.

The chair of the board of the Toronto Star takes the CEO of Postmedia to task for interfering with editorial during the recent election. (Toronto Star)

“Calling the TPP a free-trade agreement overplays its benefits, plays down its problematic aspects and fundamentally misunderstands what the deal is actually about.” (The Globe & Mail)

Kim Davis keeps fighting marriage equality and keeps losing. (Advocate)

Colorado is in danger of going from the first state to legalize marijuana to being the first state to introduce universal health care. See, you give people pot and it’s a slippery slope to making humanity better. (Al Jazeera)

CBS’ Face the Nation host John Dickerson answers the question about reporting on what’s popular and what’s news. (Parade)

Leaked Comcast documents say that bandwidth caps are a business decision to make money rather than out of technical necessity. (Yahoo Tech)

The World Anti-Doping Agency thinks that the Russians aren’t on the up and up with their anti-doping in sports efforts. (Inside the Games)

The OHL’s Flint Firebirds staged a walkout on the owner after he fired the coaching staff. It’s believed that the owner was unhappy with his son’s ice time. His son was also part of the walkout. (Winging It In Motown)

The Saskatoon Blades have the greatest Star Wars jersey ever. (Eye On Sports)

Coming to the McDonald’s dollar menu in 2016: Mozzarella sticks. That could actually be amazing. (BuzzFeed)

Grado’s entrance has made it up to the top of Reddit again so why not share it here.


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