Wednesday Link-Off: Baloney

morena-baccarin-emmys15-01I love when a good linkdump theme comes together. Today, we’re talking about people that are full of baloney. Normally I would use a stronger word but “baloney” was handed to me in one of the links today and who am I to argue with such a perfect word.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick off with Morena Baccarin.

Carly Fiorina was the big star of the most recent Republican Presidential candidate debate. It’s too bad she doesn’t actually have that good business record to stand on that she claims to have. (New York Times)

One would normally associate the GOP with the religious right but they’re planning to boycott and denounce the Pope’s visit to Washington. What is going on? (Salon)

Elections Canada is warning people to watch out for voter suppression tactics. It would be nice if their mandate and funding wasn’t neutered so they could do something about this. (iPolitics)

Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair are against Justin Trudeau’s plan to bail on the CF-35 purchase for a cheaper alternative. Harper says that will implode the aerospace industry. He’s full of baloney. That’s not my opinion. The Canadian Press says so. (CBC News)

Trudeau’s plan is to divert the unspent CF-35 budget not spent on the cheaper alternative on the Navy. The Canadian Navy is falling apart and a shell of its former self. (Vice)

Kim Davis can’t stay out of trouble. Now she’s made major changes to marital licenses upon her return to work from prison. (Reuters)

The CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals doesn’t see the merit of questions about raising the price of the company’s 62-year-old toxoplasmosis medication from $13.50 per pill to $750. And this is why I’m glad I live in a country with a functioning health care system. (Washington Post)

Belgian taxi drivers are protesting Uber. The Deputy Prime Minister suggested they “improve customer experience. Invest in technology. Innovate the business. All things the taxi sector could do instead of strike.” (EU Observer)

Pop quiz, hot shot! What is more deadly in 2015: sharks or selfies? (Mashable)

Great news! Lucha Underground is back for Season 2! Hopefully everyone is up for a… unique wrestling show. (Deadline)

Before his big Intercontinental Championship win on Sunday, Kevin Owens got a profile by the CBC ahead of his WWE debut in Montreal. By the way, his Montreal KO shirt is fucking awesome.

And here’s Kevin’s hero’s welcome in Montreal.

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